How to style your wedding jewellery with your hairstyle

Your wedding day marks one of the most significant moments in your life, where every detail plays a crucial role in curating an impeccable bridal look. Upon establishing Lolaknight, my vision was to craft designs that are contemporary yet enduring, seamlessly enhancing every hairstyle and dress. Each item in the collection holds its own unique charm and offers versatility. Throughout this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of matching your wedding jewellery with your hairstyle, ensuring each piece complements the others, resulting in a breathtaking and unified bridal look.

Before deciding on your hairstyle and jewellery, consider the style and neckline of your wedding dress. Different necklines complement specific types of earrings, and this can influence your overall look. When embracing a half-up, half-down hairstyle, characterized by its bohemian charm, we suggest opting for earrings with some length. An ideal choice is a design with an ethereal touch. Styles that beautifully enhance this look include the Alora, Lea, and Juliette earrings.

When opting for updo hairstyles, where your neck and ears are prominently featured, adorning them with a statement design consistently enhances the overall aesthetic. Within our collection, standout options such as the Evelyn, Emily, or Trista earrings perfectly complement this style. You could even pair a beautiful necklace to go with this look and we highly recommend the Clara or Poppy necklace to accompany these earrings.

If you decide on a down hairstyle and would like to show of your earrings, we do suggest tucking your hair behind your ears. For the ceremony you could decide to where your hair like this and then for reception change it up. Our most popular styles for this look have been designs that are modern yet chic. Our favourite styles for this look are the Ayla, Celine and Oceane earrings.

When selecting your jewellery, we consistently advise taking into account the plating option that aligns with your preferences. Examine the beadwork on your dress and opt for a plating that complements your complexion and hair colour. If you're accustomed to wearing silver or gold regularly, adhere to the plating option that instils the most confidence in you.

In the end, select jewellery that mirrors your unique personal style. If you lean towards minimalism, embrace simple and elegant pieces. For those who adore making bold statements, gravitate towards larger, eye-catching jewellery.

Keep in mind that these are guidelines, and the main consideration is that you feel both comfortable and beautiful in your chosen ensemble.

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