Sharni & Morgan's Mosman Wedding

Name: Sharni & Morgan Poll  
Wedding Date: 16/05/2021
Wedding Location: Gunners Barracks, Mosman, NSW
Number of guests: 37

Tell us about the styling/theme for your wedding? What was the atmosphere like on the day? 
I juggled through many colour palettes and concepts before landing on our final choice. I knew I wanted modern, and decided on bright, Mediterranean-inspired florals and decorations for the day, as I felt colour best expressed the celebration of love. We encouraged our guests to wear colours and prints, too.

We incorporated aspects of ourselves into the decor. For example, we included kumquats in the floral arrangements as a nod to the kumquat tree my grandparents had when I was a child. The atmosphere on the day felt relaxed, intimate and elegant.

What do you feel was the most unique/memorable part of your wedding?
A few moments stick out for me. Getting to dance with my Grandpa was wonderful. My grandparents were able to make it over from Perth in the window where the Covid cases were low. This was a very special moment, it felt very full-circle and his face lit up as we danced.

We had the mums do the speeches instead of dads, to change it up, and our mums are both extremely prominent figures in our lives. Morgan also used his late Grandad’s wedding band as his own.

Tell us about your wedding dress & how you came to choose the perfect one: 
Lockdown made this a little tricky, but I got there in the end! Originally, I visited Grace Loves Lace, and had a few other in-person bridal appointments lined up, but the hard lockdowns & restrictions hit around this time so it fell through. It all came together when I found an online designer who made dresses to order. I found a beautiful slip-style, form-fitted dress. I knew I wanted something minimalistic, so this worked perfectly.

Wedding dress brand: Angellure Bridal

Name of Lolaknight Veil worn on the day: Lillian Veil

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?
I would have been more present! I was quite concerned, especially during the reception, about everyone else’s enjoyment that I forgot to really take in some moments for myself. It is hard when you spend a year planning for one day and night, and I’m no professional event planner, so it’s overwhelming when the day itself comes around to take it all in. I am glad that Morgan reminded me throughout that everyone was having a wonderful time.

What advice would you give to future brides?
That there will be lots of opinions! It is great to ask advice from those around you, however I say to always go with your heart when making decisions. Even if your concept/idea is the least popular vote, go for it, because it's you and your partner's day, not theirs! Prioritise what feels true to you, it will all come together on the day and will feel personal and represent who you and your partner are as people. This makes it all the more special.

Also, really relish in the day for yourself and your partner! It is your day, after all. Let it fall into place around you, and just enjoy.

Tell us about your suppliers:

Make up artist: Sonia K MUA / instagram: @sonia_mua_pl
Hair: Sonia K MUA
Celebrant: Jackie Quatermass /
Florist: Kristela Marie / instagram: @flowersbykristelamarie
Styling/furniture/decorations: ChestnutInThePocket, 3GirlsAndAGoat, JennysFlowerShop (Etsy) & Love Paper Print
Groom’s suit: Politix
Musicians/DJ:  n/a

Bridal table styling

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 ivory veil

bridal veil

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