Terms & Conditions

Care Instructions for Jewellery:

LOLAKNIGHT jewellery is handmade by the finest craftsmen from around the world. Each piece is made using the finest quality metals, plating, pearls and stones.

With proper and consistent care, your jewellery will retain its beauty and character for years to come. When storing your jewellery for long periods of time between wears, store each piece individually in small zip-lock bags, sealed tightly, removing as much ‘still’ air as possible. This will help lessen any natural tarnishing, which can occur from sulphurs found in the air/environment (also known as oxidation).

Always remember not to wear your jewellery while showering, swimming, washing up, cleaning or using any harsh chemicals. The jewellery is not to be worn when playing sports or participating in manual activities. Please avoid spraying perfumes or any other hair and beauty products on the jewellery.

Plated pieces must be kept dry at all times to prevent tarnishing. Plating rubbing off or tarnishing is a natural part of wear and tear, and is not considered a manufacturing fault. Therefore, you may need to replate pieces when tarnishing does occur. Different skin acidity levels and how the product is worn and stored will influence the life of plating. Dropping and causing damage will not be considered a fault and will not result in a refund. Damage from careless wear is not the responsibility of LOLAKNIGHT.

Please note that every person has different skin and it may react differently to certain materials. Depending on the acidity level in your skin, products you use eg. make up, moisturiser and fake tan the jewellery can react and mark the skin. This is not viewed as a fault. In some cases, wearing silver instead of plated brass materials may be better for your skin type.

We hope you love and cherish your jewels as much as we love and cherish ours.

Variance in jewellery:
Please use the images provided online as a guide when purchasing. The piece you purchase will bear it's own individual and beautiful characteristics.

We are not able to exchange for a different piece based on the characteristics of metals, pearls, crystals and stones. Freshwater pearls come in many shapes, sizes, colour and with their own personal markings. As they are natural stones unfortunately there is no way for us to control the appearance of them and don't see this as a flaw or fault but as an individual characteristic of each and every pearl.

We use pearls that sometimes feature bead holes, this is how pearls are sold around the world and can't be changed. We try to encourage our customers to embrace the personal markings and think of them as a piece designed especially for themselves. These production features are not a fault and items cannot be exchanged or returned on these grounds.

Please be aware that some natural gemstones like rainbow moonstone have small inclusions within the stone. If you are concerned about any slight variance, please send LOLAKNIGHT an email and we will happily discuss any concerns with you.

Care instructions for veils:

To avoid any stains and stubborn crease marks, please keep your veil stored in a safe and dry location.

We recommend using a hanger and folding the comb side over the hanger, allowing the entire body of the veil to loosely suspend. For longer veils, fold the body lengthwise 2 to 3 times while straightening out the wrinkles and creases. Preferably hang the veil in a protective storage bag to shield it from entangling or being pulled against any buttons or zips.

On the day of or before the wedding, take the veil out and unfold it to release all of the wrinkles. For stubborn wrinkles and creases, use a steamer to gently straighten it out, once steamed hang the veil so that it is not folded back over, this will avoid any further creases.



Payment Method:
Through our online boutique you can purchase items through paypal, VISA and Mastercard. All prices that are listed are in Australian dollars.

For any other queries please email us directly at sales@lolaknight.com