Brandi & Sean's Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding

Name: Brandi and Sean Pinder
Wedding Date: 18th December 2021
Wedding Location: 
Coombe Yarra Valley
Number of guests:

Photographer name:  Nathan Kaso

Photographer social media handles:  @analog_modern

We love to know the back-story, how did you first meet? And how did he propose?

We had actually been running in the same circle of friends for a while but it took a couple of years for us to actually be in the same room. In 2013 a mutual friend of ours was having a small party and that’s when we were finally in the same room. However, Sean was actually too nervous to approach me so instead added me on Facebook the next day and that’s how we began talking. We finally met up for a quick sushi date and the rest is history.

The night he proposed he took me for a nice long drive in his new Commodore. We got dinner, and he told me to get anything I wanted. We shared some oysters, some steaks and a bottle of wine and more cocktails. We came home and I was sitting on the couch with our two dogs and he asked me to be his wife. 

Planning a wedding during Covid can be hard to navigate through, was there any hurdles you had to overcome?

We got engaged in February 2020, so we weren’t able to have an engagement party with our friends and family. So we planned for the wedding to be at the end of 2021 thinking that Covid wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation by then (very naïve).

The only hiccups we had was that our photographer who lived in NSW couldn’t shoot the wedding due to boarder restrictions and hesitancy that they would get locked out of their state. Luckily we were able to get Nathan who was incredible! Also family member’s interstate didn’t travel due to the same concerns. However, as our wedding was one of the major events that people could attend after the Victorian lockdown ended, there was not only a massive celebration of Sean and I getting married but also an insane buzz of everyone being able to see and catch up with each other once again.

Tell us about the styling/theme for your wedding? What was the atmosphere like on the day?  

I knew that I wanted to have an “old world meets modern romantic” theme for the wedding. I have always been drawn to all things vintage but adding a modern flare to it. Our wedding venue was the perfect setting for this. The old home of Dame Nellie Melba in the background of our ceremony, bridal party shots of the oldest inbuilt swimming pool in Victoria but the modern restaurant for the reception. We had the modern colour palette with the florals and our photographer shot exclusively on film. I felt I created a vibe that was totally “us”.

The atmosphere was just electric! After spending so much time apart people were just over the moon to be together again.

What do you feel was the most unique/memorable part of your wedding? 

First was our surprise vows to each other. Sean is a man of few words so to hear him pour his heart out was incredibly special, there was not a dry eye in the house after he said his piece.

Secondly, we also went against tradition and spent the night before our wedding together with our bridal party and we all got ready together. We were able to spend so much more time together celebrating the day.

Tell us about your wedding dress & how you came to choose the perfect one 

I knew I wanted something simple and elegant but having details where it mattered so the dress wouldn’t be boring. The dress I ultimately went with was actually the first dress I chose to try on. Every other dress I tried on afterwards my bridesmaids and I were comparing to the first one.

Wedding dress brand: Bought from the Bridal Atelier, the brand name is Sarah Seven

Wedding dress style name: Sunsets Forever

Name of Lolaknight veil worn on the day: Penelope – Ivory Wedding Veil

Is there anything you wish you had done differently? 

Not a single thing! We had incredible people to celebrate with. Our vendors were so attentive that we didn’t have anything to worry about. Once all the decisions were made we were able to fully relax and enjoy the day together.

What advice would you give to future brides? 

Meet your team! Just because someone is right for someone else doesn’t mean they will be right for you. Talk about your vision and how you want the day to look and feel so you can see if you are a right fit. I clicked immediately with all my vendors, it felt as if we were all a big family coming together by the end of it.
Go unapologetically towards your vision. It’s your day, you can celebrate it however you like. We went against tradition with a couple of things but that’s what we wanted to do.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t become so engrossed in all the tiny insignificant details, people generally don’t notice or remember them anyway. You and your family and friends will only remember the vibes and atmosphere. So come into the day with just excitement and remembering how much you love each other. 

Tell us about your suppliers:

Hair: @kykhair

Celebrant:  @marrymemegan

Florist:  @petals_flowerco

Styling/furniture/decorations:  Stationary

Groom’s suit:  custom by @briggins.clothiers

Musicians/DJ:  duo for ceremony @jimmyandniki reception @wendybirdmusic

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bridal veil

Modern bridal table setting

Wedding flowers

Modern bridal veil

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